Phoenix or Bust

We have kicked around the idea of moving out west for some time now. Well, the time is now. We are planning to move to the Phoenix area by August. The hardest part is finding a job. Any ideas on the best route to securing employment before I make the move in a couple of months?

I have tried Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. I have been contacted by a couple of employment agencies in the area, but still nothing. I have been with my same company for 13 years doing Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and expense reporting. I also have a background that includes positions as a real estate broker and an award-winning sports editor. I recently finished my degree after chasing that elusive prize for 20 years off and on.

I feel that my varied background would be a benefit for any company willing to give me a shot. I will continue my career pursuit in the employment market in Phoenix. I know something will come up, some company will be getting one heck of an employee that will be bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to a brand new position in a brand new life setting.

I cannot wait to make the move and start the next chapter in our lives. We look so forward to having new places to explore, new sights to see, and new friends to make.

Challenges will be there, but we will be ready to take on those challenges to prosper and enjoy our new home in the desert!



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