I Bought a Domain Name. Now What?

I have bought many domain names and currently own quite a few, but I bought one recently that has me thinking big possibilities. I am torn if I should try to use it as a blog or more of an e-commerce type of thing.

I have been kicking around throwing my hat into the crowded e-commerce ring. I realize there is A LOT to learn about setting up your store, social media marketing and all that. Sounds like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Also, being over 50, I don’t have the same appeal as all the young people who are flooding those markets.

So, I have had my blog for a while, but it was more of a general type of thing. If I were to restart one, it would be a focused blog around a central subject. I know I could sell stuff on my blog if I chose the right plan, but I just want to make the right decision. The decision that could be the most profitable. I don’t think I can get away from the social media marketing one way or the other. You still have to make people aware that you are out there, right? I really want to move away from the 9-5 cubicle world and into a more portable type of career move.

I have always loved to write even though I am not the greatest at it. I read somewhere once that your blog just be more informal than like newspaper writing. Kind of more like you talking  instead of something like a paper you would write for college. That suits me just fine. I like to discuss things and throw thoughts and ideas out there. I love to get raw feedback from people to see what they think. To see if they agree with what I’m thinking or think I’m an idiot.

I will take some time to research my options. Kick around which route would be the best to go. I have even talked to a guy at work to maybe go in on this venture with me. He has done some writing as well and it would be nice to get a fresh perspective and voice on a subject, likely different from my own.

I will keep you guys posted on my decision and which way I decide to turn with this. If you guys have any advice, I would love to hear it!



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