Heroes in Pinstripes

So much has happened in our country over the past few months. In my opinion, very little of it has been good. Night after night you hear things on the news that make you cringe. How can this be happening? It’s easy to get down in the dumps. If only there were a superhero that could come along and wipe away the darkness!


Wait! What is that I see on the horizon? A bright light. I can see it so vividly. This light pierces the darkness like a beacon of hope. Along with this bright light also comes loud, thunderous noises. I hear what sounds like people cheering. I hear loud thumps that sound like thunder.

I start to see a faint vision through the winter doldrums. It’s like a mirage. I see palm trees, warm weather, and blue skies. I rub my eyes in an attempt to clear my vision. No way what I am seeing can be happening. I live in the Midwest. Those things don’t exist in February.

Oddly, I am beginning to feel a sense of happiness and joy. How can this be happening? Maybe superheroes do exist?

Visions of Dancing Men?

I get another vision … it’s of man in a uniform dancing. That vision is quickly followed by another man smelling something. It’s still hard to make out. Why in the hell would these types of visions come into my head? Wait a minute. I start seeing some letters appear. Maybe this will shed some light on the whole thing.

Here they come …

First, comes a “B”. OK, that makes sense. My birthday is coming up soon. But, wait, pushing 50 doesn’t make me happy. It must be something else.

Here comes another letter. This time an “R”.

B-R … hmm. Breakfast? That does make me happy, but it’s a different, deeper happiness than that.

This Better Not Be a Joke!

I now see a “Y’, which is fitting. Why? B-R-Y … what does this mean? All I can think of at this point is Brylcream. What? Brylcream? Not sure if this is some type of sick joke that is just mocking me for soon entering my fifties, but if that is the case, my happiness is waning. Just when the darkness started to re-enter my mind, something magical happened.

I heard a sound that sounded like a bell that you would ring when you were trying to summon someone to the front desk at a hotel. I heard it again. Wow, this is odd. As that thought popped into my head, three more letters appeared all at once.

“Z-Z-O” …

B – R – Y – Z – Z – O … NOW it all makes sense.


BRYZZO Souvenir Company is back!

Chicago Cubs baseball is back!

Who knew superheroes wore pinstripes and carried baseball bats? Well, Chicago Cubs fans, that’s who.

Best Souvenir Ever!

Last year, 2016 National League MVP third baseman, Kris Bryant, and first baseman, Anthony Rizzo teamed up for BRYZZO Souvenir Company. This duo, along with the whole 2016 Chicago Cubs team gave all of us Cubs fans the only souvenir we ever wanted … a World Series Championship!

It seems like an eternity since Bryant fielded a dribbler to third base before firing the ball to Rizzo at first to clinch Game 7 of the World Series at Cleveland back in late November. So much in the world has changed, but our love for baseball and the Cubs remains.

Will the Cubs win another title in 2017? Who knows? Yes, it would be nice, but we are all lucky enough to have been around long enough to see them break the 108-year title drought last year. Generations came and generations went without seeing what we witnessed in November. Unfortunately, Harry Caray, Ronnie Santo, and Ernie Banks were not here to enjoy it with us, but I’m sure they witnessed the championship from a much better place.

Date With Sunshine

I will be heading to Arizona this weekend to watch the Cubs play the Indians in a World Series rematch. No title on the line this time, but that doesn’t matter. It will be an opportunity to sit in the warm sunshine with my brother watching the team we both love.

Isn’t that what baseball’s all about?



My little Cubs corner.





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