Society’s Black Eye?

I know it’s a bit contradictory to be complaining about technology via a blog on the internet, but I can’t help but think the pre-internet and pre-cellphone eras were so much better. Yes, the internet and cell phones have given us so much convenience, but also some drawbacks as well.

I will now put on my “old man” hat. Back when I was a kid, you had to pick up a phone to actually call someone. No texting. No Facebook. No Twitter. No Snapchat. If you wanted to ask a girl out, you called her house, not just her phone, and hoped like hell that her Dad didn’t answer. If he did, you usually hung up, waited a half hour, and then called back again hoping for a different result.

Three Channels

No email. No internet. No social media to mislead the public. I think that is one of my biggest issues with technology these days. I don’t think people can handle it. Yes, some can, but I would argue the majority of us have a hard time trudging through the internet’s mass of news … some real and some not so much. People tend to believe the “news” that confirms what they are thinking. Back in the day, you had three channels with no 24-hour news cycle to peddle whatever agenda their particular channel pushed. Back then, it sucked, but I would give anything to go back to those times.

Much simpler times back then. People actually knew how to hold conversations and interact with each other. These days, it is much easier for people to sit in the basement glued to social media, bashing anyone that disagrees with them. Name-calling is now the norm.

Carbon Paper Blues

Jobs, now, are a hot-button topic. How many jobs have been lost to technology? When I first started in finance back in the late 80s, we had primitive computers. No internet. Green screens. Pretty much worthless except for keeping customer files. When you paid vendors, you pulled out the journal and had to hand write the check. You had to make sure you pressed hard because it had to go through the carbon strip to copy that amount into the journal. So many more things back then were manually done. Yes, things are much easier these days, but also much easier to do with fewer people.

Such is also the case with manufacturing jobs. How many jobs that used to be done by people are now done by robots and other automation? Yes, some jobs have gone overseas to the cheaper labor, but not all jobs are lost due to companies moving out of the country.

Tails Never Fails

I guess I look at technology as a double-edged sword. Flip a coin, I guess, to decide if the advancement of the internet and telephone are good things or bad things. I still lean toward the times I grew up in as being better overall even though we didn’t have 300 channels to watch, movies on our phones, or the ability to pound away on a keyboard to call someone an idiot. If you wanted to call someone an idiot, you had to do that in person, likely coming away with a black eye!




3 thoughts on “Society’s Black Eye?

  1. Definitely miss the old days. I remember reading the dictionary for fun as a kid. Yes, I was a bit of a nerd. The slower something I miss greatly.

    Sometimes, I simply have to step away from social media because the negativity becomes overwhelming.Great post!

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