Guitar Fret

As 2017 is almost a month old already, I have set a couple goals for myself. I want to lose a bunch weight (about 80 pounds), which kind of ties into my second goal of learning to play guitar. You might ask how losing weight ties into learning to play guitar. Yes, I know, that is a bit odd, but last year, I did purchase an electric guitar in hopes of teaching myself how to play. I struggled to learn to play it, partly because my weight was a hindrance. It was difficult for me to play the guitar while standing up because it protruded over my gut. Yes, I know that is an excuse, which it was, but I ended up returning the guitar to Guitar Center. After I returned it, I felt as though I failed. I really missed the guitar. Another setback for me was the fact that I had returned to college in an attempt to finally get my degree, which I had started back in the late eighties, thus my practice time was limited.

Well, I made a deal with myself that if I got down to 200 pounds, I would repurchase a guitar. Don’t get too excited for me, I am not there yet!  I am around 249 right now, so I have some time, but I still think about that guitar every time I watch a video of someone wailing out a great tune. One of these days, hopefully, that will be me.

While I had my guitar, I did take one lesson, which I hated. I hate feeling stupid and that’s how it made me feel. I struggled to perform simple practice activity, which is fine when it was just me, but now that another person was in the room … embarrassing!

Needless to say, I did not return for lesson number two. Instead, I took to the internet to see if I could find any online lessons. I was happy to find so many options out there. All of which I could do at my own pace. One of the best that I found out there was this guy from Nashville, Tennessee, named Erich Andreas, aka The Guitar Sage. Erich has a wealth of information on his blog about the services that he offers. When I do get my guitar back, I will be hitting Erich up to set me on the right path!

I can’t wait to get my guitar back to start making sweet music, or to start, just music, or I guess something that resembles music!




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