Weight is Over

Well, with a new year comes a new hope of getting back in shape. By in shape, I’m talking my high school football playing weight of 170 pounds. I currently weight about 253 pounds (down about 12 pounds from mid-December), thus I have roughly around 83 pounds to lose.

I have worked hard putting my workout area together in my garage. I now have my rubber floor down. I have purchased Fitness Gear’s 310-pound Olympic weight set as well as their half rack to support and store those weights. The spring collars that came with the Olympic set were difficult to get off and on, so I bought these collars to use with my weights. These things are great. Easy to put on and take off and they hold the weights very well. Great product for the price.

I have also purchased Core Fitness’ interchangeable dumb bell set, which is a real space saver. You can easily adjust these dumb bells from 5- to 50-pounds each with a simple turn of the handle.


Adding to my weight-loss arsenal, I also have a variety of different weight bands, a miscellaneous set of standard weight plates, and, probably my favorite piece, an 80-pound everlast heavy bag.  I have never boxed in my life, but it sure is fun after watching the news to go out to the garage and imagine you are punching a certain someone right in the kisser!

Like I said, I have lost about 12 pounds in about a month. I know at some point, I am going to have to stop watching the scale and start watching the inches disappear from my waistline. I had wanted to hit my goal weight by the time I was 50, but that is less than 6 months away at this point, so highly unlikely.

In addition to getting off my ass, I have started eating better. I no longer hit McDonald’s on the way into work every morning for breakfast. During the week, I eat steel-cut oatmeal for breakfast. Weekend breakfast consists of a couple fried eggs and five or six slices of turkey bacon (not as bad as you think). Lunches during the week also no longer involve a drive through, but, instead, cold meat sandwiches or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Not only are they healthier for me, but a heck of a lot cheaper, which keeps the wife happy!

Hopefully, by this time next year, I can post some success photos of me with my new body in a Speedo. Oh, wait, that ain’t happening. New body photos … yes. Speedo … no!

I normally work out alone, which presents a problem for newbies like me. I haven’t developed that killer instinct yet. You know, pushing yourself until your muscles won’t work anymore. It’s like playing golf alone. Who’s going to know if you use the “foot wedge” on the golf course? Same thing in the home gym. Who’s going to know that you left a few more reps on the table? Pushing through the pain is something I have to get better at. Something that needs to come naturally, almost like a second nature.

Hopefully, there are more of you middle-agers out there like me, struggling to find your waistline again. Let me know what has worked for you? I look forward to hearing about your success!


Killer Instinct


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