Chicago Blues

Well, I knew it was going to be hard this week, just wasn’t sure how hard. I had to go to Chicago for business for a few days this week. You know what’s in Chicago, right? Pizza, burgers, Italian beef sandwiches were there with open arms like some long lost friends. Not good for someone like me, who’s trying to lose weight. Also, being out of town, I was not able to keep my routine of going to the gym.

Well, the above scenario was a recipe for disaster. When I weighed myself last Monday, I was down to 255 pounds. This morning, the scale flashed a disappointing 259.8. It just goes to show how much work it is, for me anyway, to keep off the weight. Let your guard down just a bit and those pounds are more than eager to jump right back on.

Tuesday, I will return to the gym in an attempt to head off this weight gain. Must get the old muscles working again to burn those calories. Yes, it’s disappointing, but I know it is one small setback. No need to derail this train, just some slight adjustments.

Onward and downward!


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