Turning up the Heat

No work on Monday!

No work on Monday!

For those in the United States, happy Labor Day, which is a nice day for those of us punching the time clock for our hum drum jobs. A day to spend with family and friends and, more importantly, a day off from work! With that being said, I normally weigh myself on Monday mornings at the same time after I get up for work, thus I had to get up early on a day off to jump on the scale.

Surprise, Surprise!

It was worth it!

Stepping on the scale this morning, I was a bit hesitant, which I will get into in a minute. But, to my surprise, the scale flashed a 255.0, which is 3.2 pounds less than last week! Pretty good for what I had going on this weekend.

Saturday night was my 30th high school reunion. Good friends and good food, which would normally spell disaster, but apparently not this time. I was careful of what I ate. I had a few pieces of pizza and a little bit of chicken. Since I don’t drink, I didn’t have to worry about my calories coming from alcohol.

No Freshman 15 for Me!

Burgers are my weakness.

Burgers are my weakness.

Also, on Sunday, I stopped by to see my daughter at college. I would have to take her out for lunch, right? We went to a local establishment to watch her college football team in its first game. I am a burger type of guy, which is what I had. I did skip the fries in favor of black beans and rice. Not sure if that made much of a difference, but fries are usually an easy cut for me.

I think I only made it to the gym once or twice this week, but I did pick up the intensity a little bit. I hit the weights harder. I would rather lift the weights to build muscle, which should help me burn more fat, than spend too much time on cardio and the treadmills. I will see how it goes. I may have to spend more time on the hamster wheel.

Hotter than Hell

Unfortunately, here in the Midwest, the temperatures have been in the low to mid nineties with high humidity. Anyone who knows me knows that I turn into a hermit under those conditions. I HATE hot weather, thus playing basketball or golf outside were put on hold.

Overall, a good week. A fun weekend. Good food (not too much of it) and good friends and good numbers on the scale. I am hoping to keep it up this week, but it will be tough. I have to head to Chicago this week for some training. Pizza, my weakness, will be calling me the whole time I am there, as well as my other friends the Chicago hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. I guess I will just have to wear headphones so I won’t hear them beckoning me!



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