Nothing Routine

This morning started like any other Monday morning. Turn off the alarm clock while saying a few choice words about how short the weekend was. After getting the obscenities, uh, I mean pleasantries out the of the way, I stumble toward the scale. It’s not my same old scale. I bought a new scale. I was guessing that my old scale was broken. How else would you explain the work and healthier eating I was doing with such little results?

Hitting the Weights.

Hitting the Weights.

New Scale, New Results?

The new scale has many new features that my old scale did not. It can track the weight of multiple individuals, thus my wife can also track her weight. It will also tell you how much weight you have gained or lost from your initial weight, as well as the last time you weighed yourself. It will also tell you the percentage of weight you have lost.

Well, with all that buildup, it was time for me to face the music on this Monday morning. I must admit, I haven’t been hitting it too hard as of yet. I did shoot some baskets for about two hours last week. We also joined a gym, which I have visited a couple of times last week, albeit half-assed at best. I have to get back into the routine. After a tough day at work, my body wants the couch, not the treadmill.

I have also been trying to eat better, but better for me is still crappy for most people. You have to start somewhere, right? I have been trying to cut down on the carbs. I love meat and cheese, thus a low-carb diet is right up my alley.

scale-37772_640Through the Darkness

With all that being said, I stepped onto the scale in the darkness. The backlit display flashed my weight as 258.2. I believe that is 2.8 pounds less than last week at this time. I always hope for more, but if my goal is to hit 170 by the time I am 50, I think I figured I would need to lose about 1.2 pounds per week. Sooooooo … that means I am ahead of schedule!

The battle continues this week. I am trying to get in better workouts and eat better. I do have a pitfall this weekend, though. I have my 30th high school class reunion. I am hoping to continue losing next week, but the reunion may throw a wrench into those plans.

That’s OK. I am looking forward to a good time with my former classmates. It will be back on the wagon next week!


4 thoughts on “Nothing Routine

  1. 2.8 lbs is awesome, the weight might be stubborn at 1st, don’t panic! I can relate. The stress of chiropractic school contributed to my weight ballooning up to 190 lbs (20yrs ago) and working it back off sucked! But I did it and you can too (even with the occasional beer and chicken wings) You’re off to a great start! Funny, I was wondering how you were doing today while I was out on my daily walk/jog! 👍

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