Quest for 170

My Grandma telling me I need to lose some weight.

My Grandma telling me I need to lose some weight.

Like so many of us, I, too, have a personal battle that I am getting ready to fight. My battle is the battle of the bulge. I am tired of being fat and out of shape. Why must I continue down the road of being the old, fat guy?

Well, enough is enough. I am pushing 50 now. Unfortunately, a lot of my prime years have been as a fat guy. I currently weigh right around 262 pounds, which is about 92 pounds from my goal weight of 170.

Yes, I know the road will be a hard one for me. I am a junk-food-a-tarian and a couch potato. What I have been doing, or in my case not doing, has not been working for me, thus it’s time for a change.

So, every Monday, I am going to post a blog post about how I’m doing, what I’m doing and a photographic journal of my progress and journey. It won’t be pretty at times (My current photo), but hopefully you can all help and inspire me to keep going on this long path to heath and fitness. If you would like to join me in this quest, feel free. I would love to hear what has or hasn’t worked for you as well.

Let’s do this!


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