In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few.”

Anyone that has read my blog in the past, knows I have many regrets in my life. So many that most would think I would have a hard time picking what my biggest regret might be.

Not the case. Easily, my biggest regret in life is not going to college right after high school.

Know it All

Sometimes, it’s hard to think logically when you are that age and you have a girlfriend. You know, you think she’s the one and you would do anything for her, of course. Yes, at the time I was dating, uh, what’s her name? I forget. Nonetheless, I had the perfect setup. My parents would have paid for me to go to college, but, no, I was “in love” or so I thought.

I thought I would sit out a year and then go to college. I started working a good paying job with my Dad as a union construction laborer. The money was good, but I hated the job. I was smarter than that. I didn’t belong in a steel mill at the dumb end of a shovel. Well, that went on for more than the planned year. I broke it off with that particular girlfriend before meeting my ex-wife.

On Hold

Needless to say, my college career was put on hold. I did eventually make it to college, while I was working in the newspaper business. I made it through about my junior year before my daughter was born, which, once again, put my college career on hold.

I often think how my life could have been different if I had gone to college when I should have. I always envision having fun in college with plenty of friends and memories to last a lifetime. Also, a college degree that I could have been utilized from day one in my work career. I hear statistics about how college graduates make so much more over a career than those without degrees. It would have been nice to have had that extra money over the early years in my career.

I have kicked around the idea of going back to college, even enrolling a couple of times. I tried a couple of classes this summer to no avail. It wasn’t because I couldn’t handle them, but because I lacked the desire to take them. At this point in my life, my thoughts are turning toward retirement, not going back to school.

Still on Hold

Yes, the decision not to go to college right out of high school IS my biggest regret, but not a regret I feel I am ready to rectify at this point in my life.

I have been fairly successful over my life. Maybe not so much monetarily, but I have a great wife, great daughter, and family and friends that love me. As I always say … money’s not everything.


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  1. As someone who advises a lot of college students, I would say that if you are not interested in the major you are pursuing, you need to pivot. Nothing wrong with no college degree unless it’s what you really want. If you have a community college, take a few classes there to find what makes your heart sing. And, sometimes, I think we like the idea of something more than the thing itself. For me, I thought I would like be a chef. Turns out I’m more interested in the eating the food that preparing the food. 🙂 Life is short…do what you love!!!!

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    • That’s me, Linda. If I could snap my fingers and finish my degree, I would be all over it. But, at this point, it’s not something I really want. For me, I have to want it or I’m not going to do well at it. Being creative makes me tick. My degree would be business related. ZZzzzz. ZZzzzz.

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