People, Places, and Things I like

I was sitting at my kitchen table, which currently doubles as my blogging space, trying to stay cool from the mid-August heat and humidity in Indiana. I happened to stumble across a blog by Catherine called Atypical 60. I enjoyed Catherine’s blog very much, but really liked one of her menu items that listed some of her favorite things. I thought that was a great idea to help people know a little more about yourself, thus I added a spot on my menu bar for my own, “People, Places, and Things I like.”

To my friends, don’t expect to see your names here. You all know I like you and I hope the feeling is mutual. Also, fellow bloggers that I like and follow, you will not be here, either. I have a widget on my page that shows the blogs I follow as well as the most recent posts I have checked out.

This page is simply about different people, places, and things I like. I will add to this list when I think of and find more things I like. With all of that stuff out of the way, let’s get started.

Bird enjoying Hurricane Ridge.

Bird enjoying Hurricane Ridge.

Olympic National Park

I like to travel even though I hate to fly. When I do fly, I need a big payoff to basically get me on a plane. One place that gives me that payoff is the Pacific Northwest, more specifically, the Olympic National Park. This place has it all … mountains, oceans, rivers, lakes and rain forests just to name a few. If you like beautiful scenery, you will not be disappointed in this place!

LUV Southwest Airlines.

LUV Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Airlines

As evidenced by my post above, you know I don’t like to fly. Maybe it is me not being in control, having to depend on someone else to keep me safe. With that being said, when I do fly, I only fly with Southwest Airlines. I have tried other airlines and have never felt the customer appreciation that I do when I fly Southwest. If Southwest doesn’t fly there … I don’t fly there.

Friendly Confines.

Friendly Confines.

Chicago Cubs

I am now 48 years old. I have liked the Chicago Cubs for as long as I can remember. Yes, it has been painful at times, but I have never strayed from the Cubs. The team has a great management structure in place now and has a good core of young players who should be with the team for a long time. This young group of Cubbies is starting to come together this year, currently sitting in position for a playoff spot. I hope to see a World Series title out of this team. They have not won the championship since 1908.

Tool of the pizza eater's trade.

Tool of the pizza eater’s trade.


Yes, I need to start eating better. Yes, I need to lose weight. Yes, I need to exercise more. Well, one of the biggest culprits in my “middle-age spread” is Pizza. I could eat pizza every day of the week. I like thin crust, thick crust, heck, even no crust. Throw some cheese, sausage, sauce, etc. on a pizza crust and I am there. I will also eat chicken, peppers, pepperoni, onions, and even mushrooms on a pizza. The perfect food. It incorporates all the old food groups: Dairy (Cheese), Fruits and Vegetables (Peppers & Sauce), Grains (Crust) and Meat (Sausage, Chicken, Pepperoni). One of my favorite pizza joints around where I live is Brozinni Pizza. Great thin crust, New York Style pizza.

Our smooth coat.

Our smooth coat JRT.

Our rough coat.

Our rough coat JRT.


I have always liked animals, but as I have gotten older, that soft spot for the furry creatures has gotten even bigger. My wife and I have two Jack Russell Terriers. One is a smooth coat and the other is a rough coat. They are totally different dogs even though they are the same breed. One is quiet, passive, and very obedient. They other is brash, loud, and has a mind of her own. Nonetheless, they are both great dogs and parts of our family. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they treat animals.


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