Taking a Walk Down Musical Memory Lane

As part of the Blogging 101 course I am taking, I was asked to expound upon a comment I made on another blogger’s blog. Yesterday, I commented on a blog about streaming music service exceeding record sales in Brazil posted by Eder Oelinton in his blog entitled Suprimatec.

First off, I thought it was kind of neat that I could read a blog written in another language from a blogger from another country simply by clicking a button to translate the words into English..

The blog by Eder talked about how “the income from digital music sales topped the physical album in the first half of 2015” in Brazil. That got me to thinking about when I grew up in the 1980s and the transitions I remember in the sales of music.

8-Tracks in all their glory.

8-Tracks in all their glory.

In my early teen years, I can still remember listening to music on vinyl albums or on 8-track tapes. Albums were OK, but 8-tracks weren’t the most user-friendly. As I remember it, you couldn’t rewind 8-tracks unless you flipped them over and fast forwarded them and then flipped them back to the other side again. I may be wrong on that, it was 35 years ago. I remember my favorite on 8-track may have been REO Speedwagon’s,”You Can Tune a Piano, But You Can’t Tuna Fish.”


Cassette Tape – Not 8-Track, but still not perfect.

From there, of course, we graduated up to the cassette tape, which did allow for rewinding and fast forwarding. I think we can all remember when the tape would get stuck in the cassette player, thus pulling the tape out of the cassette. How did we fix it? You remember … we found a pencil and stuck it through one of the two holes in the cassette and wound the wheels the opposite way, thus feeding the tape back into the cassette. Good as new, usually.


CD – So much better than cassettes or 8-tracks.

After the cassettes, I remember how excited I was to buy my first CD player with my first CDs. I seem to remember the first two CDs I ever bought were, “Summer of 69” by Bryan Adams and “The Warrior” by Scandal. How nice it was to be able to instantly select a track and skip around the CD to whichever song you wanted. You could even click the “Random” button and it would mix up the songs on the CD. The CDs were also much more durable than the cassettes or the 8-track tapes, even though leaving them in a hot car was still not advisable.

It was a nice walk, for me, down my musical memory lane. I can now really appreciate the advances in music and the streaming services that now allow you to hold hundreds, if not thousands of songs on a device that will easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Thanks, again, Eder, for publishing your blog and thanks for exposing me to information outside the borders of my country. I really enjoyed it!


3 thoughts on “Taking a Walk Down Musical Memory Lane

  1. Thank you my friend for the prestige! Thanks to technology, that communication has no limits, even if you think a blog in Japanese, it is possible to read it, just do not be afraid to seek, to learn, to evolve! Once again thank you!

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