One Direction – New Fab Four?

67732_170443929633222_7912586_nFriday night was a special night. Not so much for me or my wife, but my daughter and thousands of other screaming girls at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana. Listening to the screams, you would have thought I had stumbled into the latest gory horror flick, but that wasn’t the case. What I had stumbled into was a two-hour, music-filled show featuring the hottest group in the world right now, One Direction.

Who Let In the Old Dude?

 I must admit I felt a bit odd going to this show. Hell, I’m nearing 50, which isn’t the normal demographic of a “Directioner.” My daughter came down for the concert, thus my wife and I thought we would attend the show as well to see what all the hoopla was about. My daughter purchased a floor seat so she could see this dreamy cast of characters up close. Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson did not disappoint her or the other admirers in the audience.

The crowd was so excited that the group debuted it’s new single, “Drag Me Down” for the first time ever on stage this night in the Circle City. It seemed to go over well. It should have, the song, released earlier in the day, reportedly had already gone to number one in 82 countries. It’s not hard to see how this could happen when you see the screaming throngs of girls at these concerts, all with cell phones in hand and ready to Tweet at a moment’s notice.

Beatles Like

1d lynds harry back

Harry plays to the crowd.

Like I said earlier, I am nearing 50, thus was too young to really see the Beatles play. I can only imagine how those lads from Liverpool took the U.S. by storm back in the day. I would have to say, after seeing these young lads play to the filled stadium, it kind of gave me the feeling of what it must have been like to see the Fab Four all those years ago. I know, I know, people my age or a little older have to be wondering what the hell I am smoking. Rest assured, I don’t smoke OR drink, thus this critique is with a clear head.

My daughter is a HUGE fan of the group, well, Liam Payne, mostly, but she likes the other “boys” as well. With that being said, I have been exposed to their music through the years. I must admit that my favorite song the group has put out is, “Steal My Girl.” It just has a catchy rhythm to it and the video, featuring Danny Devito as the director, is pretty entertaining as well. I know, I know, leave my man card at the door. On second thought, give me that damn thing back! I think any man who takes his daughter to see something that she loves so much is what being a man is all about. It may not be something YOU love, but as long as SHE loves it, you’re doing just fine.

I’m OK With That

My daughter will be starting college in a couple of weeks. I think this concert, for her, was kind of a last hurrah for her childhood. Not that she’s suddenly going to stop loving One Direction, but she knows life’s challenges are on the horizon. Liam, Harry, Niall, and Louis have always been there for her as she has grown up, just an ear bud away after a long day at school, work, or after a break up. These guys are kind of like a security blanket for her, I think. They are warm, cuddly, and make her feel good and forget about her problems. I’m OK with that.

Yeah, I’m OK with my daughter being a huge fan of these guys. There is much worse out there for her ears. These guys, at least, put on a good, clean show. No profanity. Instead, the group members really seemed to enjoy each other’s company, oftentimes seemingly forgetting they were performing in front of a stadium crowd. They raced and chased each other on stage, shot each other with silly string or dumped a water bottle over each other’s head. All things that typical boys that age do.

I knew my daughter would be entertained by the concert, but I wasn’t sure how I or my wife would react to being fish out of water. I can say that the show was very entertaining and fun. The group’s exuberance and playfulness, along with some catchy tunes made it a nice night out for us old fogies. Thank you, One Direction, for putting on a great show, but even more, for helping my daughter make it through high school, always having you guys to turn to when she needed you, even if it was from afar.

Oh, and Liam, this is coming from your future Father-in-Law. At least that’s what my daughter keeps telling me!

**All photos courtesy of my daughter.


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