Friends for Life

Almost from the time we come out of the womb, we start trying to make friends. We want people to like us. In the sandbox, you were taught to share your toys with others and to be nice to others. When you get into high school, popularity seems paramount to your well-being. Once you get into the work place, you’re still trying to make friends among your co-workers. It’s just what we do.

How many times have you had people you thought were friends that eventually ended up betraying you. Did they steal your boyfriend/girlfriend? Did they throw you under the bus at work? Did they stand you up when they said they would show up for your party? We’ve all been there. It hurts, doesn’t it?

Animal Abusers Truly Cowards

Probably one of the best friends we could ever ask for comes in the form of a pet. I haven’t really had many cats in my life, thus I am going to focus mainly on dogs. Unfortunately, in some cases, dogs are loyal to a fault. I don’t know how many cases I have seen on Twitter or Facebook where someone has shared a horrible story about an animal being mistreated by its owner. These pets put their trust in humans. Love their humans. Anyone that abuses animals is truly a coward. One of the lowest human forms on the planet. All these animals want is love. They do not deserve to be mistreated.

I have had many family pets growing up, but I have never been this compassionate for them until I met my wife almost 15 years ago and we got our own dog. I have not seen anyone as good with dogs as my wife. Yeah, I know, I am a bit prejudiced, but she is great with them. Don’t take my word for it, just ask our dogs. She is a god to them. Both of our dogs worship her and tolerate me. That’s OK. I know they both still love me, just not as much as my wife.

We own two Jack Russell Terriers, both females. One is a smooth coat and one is a rough coat. Their personalities are as different as their looks. We started out with just one Jack, but after a few years, we thought a friend would be good for her. That’s when the trouble started.

Everything Changed

People had told us to beware of two female terriers, but we, unfortunately, didn’t listen to that advice. Our two girls got along for the first three years of living together, but then the wheels fell off their relationship. Our two dogs that used to play together, eat together, and sleep together suddenly could not be in the same room together.

scOur younger Jack had become very aggressive toward the older one. We have spoken to many vets about our situation. It turns out the younger dog has fear-based aggression. Whenever she gets scared, she seeks out the older dog to attack. It doesn’t take much to make her scared … a doorbell on TV, a car door slamming outside, or someone walking down the street will send her into a reactive flurry.

We have learned to adapt to this situation. We have many baby gates in our home to keep the dogs separated for their safety. We are now able to sit in the same room to watch TV. We must secure the younger Jack to something in the room to ensure she isn’t able to cause damage if a doorbell on TV makes her reactive.

The older Jack is now 12. The younger Jack is 10. We have been dealing with this situation for seven years now, but anyone with pets knows you cannot just give up on them. Again, my wife has been a saint with these dogs. They are very lucky to have her in their lives. We have had many people ask how we can do it. It’s not really a choice for us. They are family.

Road Takes Another Rough Turn

We found out almost a year ago that the younger Jack now has diabetes, thus she gets two injections of insulin per day, as well as a special diet. This little girl has allergies, aggression issues, and now diabetes. She  was dealt a rough hand.

Even though it has been difficult under the circumstances, it is even tougher watching these guys get older, knowing at some point they won’t be part of our lives. They are both awesome dogs in their own right and when they are by themselves. We love them to pieces and could not imagine being without them, but, unfortunately, time marches on for all of us.

It will truly be sad days when our girls our gone, but I know that my wife and I would not trade their friendship and love for anything in the world.


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