Heaven, Adventures, and Marilyn Monroe

If you read my blog on a regular basis, you will realize that I am fast approaching 50 years of age, thus my thoughts have changed to growing old and beyond. Tonight, I am going to write about Heaven and what I envision. This will not be a Bible-banging blog post.

Religiously Challenged
I will start you off with a little background about me. I was not raised with religion in my house. It was never discouraged, but my parents never took us to church. My Mom did make an attempt one Summer to send my sister and I to vacation Bible school. Talk about awkward. I normally don’t find myself feeling stupid very often, but that was an exception.

Set in Stone

Set in Stone

I am always envious of those that have had religion in their lives growing up. Not only do they have an advantage on Jeopardy when the category turns to religion, but they also, usually, seem at peace, leaving their fate to God. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe in God. I pray, etc. I just do not know as much about religion as seemingly everyone else, thus my vision of Heaven is probably a little unorthodox.

One thing I have often wondered about Heaven is what happens if your version of Heaven is different from someone else’s Heaven. For example, what if my ex-wife secretly was still in love with me, thus when we both passed, in her Heaven, she would be with me, but that would be far from Heaven for me. How does that work? Does everyone have their own little version of Heaven, similar to what Robin Williams saw in What Dreams May Come?

Heaven an Adventure?
What if you could do whatever you want in Heaven? Say, for instance, you wanted to go back in time. Maybe you wanted to go back to the Civil War days. You wanted to be at the Gettysburg Address. What if you could not only be there, but you could go inside the mind of Abe Lincoln and feel his emotion as he gave his speech that day in Pennsylvania.

Would you go back to prehistoric times to roam with the dinosaurs. Feel the power and strength of those behemoths as they lumber over a much different landscape in search of food. Maybe visit Greece to witness, or even participate in the very first Olympic games.

marilyn-monroe-400389_640I think I would have to go back to the golden age of Hollywood to be one of the leading men, starring in any of Marilyn Monroe’s films. Feel what it was like to hold one of the town’s most beautiful women. Smell her perfume. Hear her laugh. Taste her kiss. Help her through her hard times, possibly helping her overcome her demons.

How cool would it be to feel the emotions of Thomas Edison as he sees his light bulb light for the first time? Or feel the drive, determination, and ambition of a young Steve Jobs pursuing his dreams for Apple.  The possibilities are endless. What would you do if you could go back in time?

I always joke with my co-worker, who is very religious, that I hope she props the gate open for me if she gets up there before me. I also joke that if there is a line to get in, chances are, I will probably end up going somewhere else.

Well, here’s hoping Heaven takes reservations!


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