The Weight is Under

My blog has often talked about my weight, which has been an issue for a very long time. I have talked about losing 90 pounds by the time I turned 50, but that came and went with nothing to write home about. Well, my new hope is 102 by 52.

You might think what makes this dope think he is going to lose 102 pounds by the time he turns 52 (in about 10 months). Well, thanks to the Keto diet, I am well on my way, losing 55 pounds since March. That weight loss has put me past the halfway point of losing 102 pounds to get down to my goal of 169 pounds. I am a mere 46 pounds away! Still plenty of work to do, but very doable at this point. I think I will achieve my goal by the end of the year.

The Keto diet has been the easiest diet I have been on. When I reach my goal, I am going to go back to a more traditional diet to maintain my new weight. Last month, I started incorporating a cheat meal on the first of the month … I had a couple of slices of pizza and a donut, which made me gain 3 pounds the next day, but that was short lived. I ended up losing a net 3 pounds over the remainder of the week.

This diet, for me, is a sprint, not a marathon. I want to get back to eating regular food, just at a reduced pace to maintain the goal I will have achieved. It has started to get monotonous eating so many of the same things. That being said, I think I can make it through until the end of the year when the scale releases me from this diet.

I have started going to the gym a bit and walking more, but the diet is the key for me. I very rarely feel hungry on this diet, which is an added bonus.

Thanks for checking in, I have to get my stuff together to head to the gym.


Phoenix or Bust

We have kicked around the idea of moving out west for some time now. Well, the time is now. We are planning to move to the Phoenix area by August. The hardest part is finding a job. Any ideas on the best route to securing employment before I make the move in a couple of months?

I have tried Linkedin, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. I have been contacted by a couple of employment agencies in the area, but still nothing. I have been with my same company for 13 years doing Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable and expense reporting. I also have a background that includes positions as a real estate broker and an award-winning sports editor. I recently finished my degree after chasing that elusive prize for 20 years off and on.

I feel that my varied background would be a benefit for any company willing to give me a shot. I will continue my career pursuit in the employment market in Phoenix. I know something will come up, some company will be getting one heck of an employee that will be bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to a brand new position in a brand new life setting.

I cannot wait to make the move and start the next chapter in our lives. We look so forward to having new places to explore, new sights to see, and new friends to make.

Challenges will be there, but we will be ready to take on those challenges to prosper and enjoy our new home in the desert!


Beating the Bulge

Recently, my Grandma passed away. As you can see by the photo above, she was always telling me that I should lose weight. How could I argue with her, I was tipping the scales at 270 pounds. I was quite unhealthy and I knew it.

I recently turned 51. Anyone who has followed my blog has seen my 90 by 50 campaign, where I wanted to lose 90 pounds by the time I turned 50. Well, 50 came and went yet I was still nowhere near losing 90 pounds.  I have revised my goal, I now want to get down to 169 pounds, which is 101 pounds off my heaviest weight of 270. How am I going to do that? My diet has always consisted of pretty much whatever I wanted to eat, including donuts, candy, cake, etc.

Well, times have changed.

az 2018.jpg

Getting ready for a walk in Arizona in May

The passing of my Grandmother, as well as my desire to make a career change, prompted me to take action to reduce my girth. I found success when I started the Keto diet about three months ago. During that timeframe, I have dropped from 270 pounds down to 224.8 (but who’s counting). As I near the half-way point in my weight loss journey, I must admit that I am starting to tire of the Keto diet. I have contemplated transferring over to Weight Watchers, which I have always done well on until I get tired of logging everything I eat.

Weighing 270 pounds, it is easy to fall into the “fat guy” mentality. Why shouldn’t I have another donut, I’m fat anyway. Changing up my diet, I have not had any sweets (candy, cake, etc) since February. I really thought it would be more difficult to give up the goodies, but oddly, on this diet, it hasn’t been that hard. Yes, when donuts make their way into the workplace, I would love to have one, but I am able to pass them by. I can pass them by mostly because I know if I have one, I am going to be tossed out of ketosis and it will likely take me a week before I start losing weight again. I must admit, the Keto diet has been the easiest diet I have ever attempted. The nice thing is that the hunger issue is not an issue. I now eat because I feel that I should eat and not because I am starving and counting the minutes until my next meal.

My weight loss journey is a sprint and not a marathon. I want to get to my goal weight as quickly as possible so I can go back to a more “regular” diet that will include all the food groups. I know I can never go back to where I was, but a more traditional, balanced diet is my ultimate goal.

I have also started using my home gym more and walking more. I find myself now being disappointed now when I can’t walk or workout. I feel like I have turned the corner and this time, I WILL reach my goal weight.

I will keep everyone posted how things are going over the coming months. I hope to reach my goal weight by the end of the year. Here’s hoping I will have something more to celebrate at the end of 2018!